Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something Amazing!

Something amazing has happened.

I bought new shoes.

Not amazing, you say? Ahhh.... I beg to differ. Let me tell you why. I have suffered from pain in my hip and backside for almost four years. We have tried multiple therapies to make it ease up or go way (oh, please go away) and nothing worked. Not massages, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, steroid injections, ice/heat therapy, or physical therapy. Nothing.

Last week I bought new tennis shoes, well, running shoes to be exact. Now,  I am a not runner by any stretch of the imagination, but I do put on a lot of miles walking. I may, on occasion, feel extra motivated and jog a smidge here and there, but NOT a runner.  Anyway, I have the worst time finding shoes that fit my feet, after trying on what felt like a zillion pairs of shoes, I settled on a nice looking pair of Ryka's. A brand I had never even heard of, but they felt pretty good on my fickle feet.

I almost returned the Ryka's. They aren't totally comfortable on my heel and I thought they made me walk funny, but I had worn them outside, which made them my shoes, comfy or not. The amazing thing happened after my first day of walking in the new shoes. I had NO pain in my hip. None, not even a little. The day before I had been just miserable when I was done with my morning walk and no amount of stretching was helping.

This is just stunning to me. Four years and it took a change of shoe to change my pain status from constant to non-existent. Whatever it is in the design of the shoe that makes me feel like I am walking funny must change my natural gait just enough to not wear on that same muscle group that has been torturing me for so long. It is darn near miraculous. I pray it lasts, because it is a welcome relief.

So, that is why my purchase of new shoes is amazing. Thank you, Ryka.

In His Peace -