Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blessed weekends!

I love the weekend. Most of them are refreshing, some are exhausting, but this one was just right. I feel a little like Goldielocks saying that!

Saturday was spend with some dear sisters in Christ at a local simulcast for Living Proof Live with Beth Moore. As we drove to the site we discussed how much we NEEDED some good Jesus time. He met us there and we are so thankful.

Beth Moore is a phenomenal Bible teacher. I love the way she humbles herself before she speaks, on her knees before everyone, beseeching the Lord to overcome all her human frailties and use her as a conduit to reach His people. I waffle between wishing like I could teach like her and being thankful I don't have the responsibility of doing so.

What was amazing to me, aside from Beth's obvious gift to bring a Word and the praise team's gift for music (I love Travis Cottrell), was the mind boggling thought that 180,000 other individuals across the globe were listening to the same message. Not only listening, but knowing that each was receiving exactly the Word that God intended for them to hear. Ponder that for a moment. Reminds me of Pentacost, granted, I saw no tongues of fire, but I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit was working just as miraculously in all 180,000 present.

I often wonder if the non-Christians who work these events walk away as changed as we are changed, or at least with the seed of the Sprit inside them.

One moment I will never forget, was not at this simulcast but at a live Living Proof I attended several years ago, when they asked if anyone wanted to come forth for prayer one woman ran down front as if her very life depended on it. I suppose if she was coming forth to claim her salvation her very life DID depend on it. It was such a powerful moment to me. I have no idea who she was, but I thought that if we all ran to Jesus the way she ran to Jesus we would all be much more at peace with our lives.

So I am feeling a little less empty welled than I entered the weekend. Today I got to sleep in a little and we attended late church. Pastor had a very appropriate sermon on forgiveness. We had some delightful fellowship at the potluck after service and we got to come home and take a nap. Gotta love a Sunday like that. : )

I hope and pray that you were also refreshed this weekend and you will start the work week full of a joyful spirit.

In His Peace -

Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Minute Friday

Gypsy Mama today from (in)Courage presents this challenge:  sit down, write 5 minutes unedited, unscripted on the topic of In Real Life...

Fellow blogger, Allison,wrote a beautiful blog this morning about her Real Life. I thought I could take a few minutes and follow her example, however, I am feeling neither beautiful nor inspirational this morning.  Perhaps it is because I am coming off a second night of shorted sleep and am tired,  or it just because it is Friday, but I am feeling the weight of the world today.

Real life for me often feels separate from my Jesus life. I know they should be one in the same, but sometimes the the craziness of being a responsible adult are just too much. I am scattered in so many directions and I struggle with being able to keep my eyes on Jesus. This time of year when I have been away from Bible study for several months it is particularly difficult. It makes me painfully aware of the need for staying in the Word.

Tomorrow I get to step away from my responsible self and take the day off to attend a Beth Moore simulcast here in town. I am soooo excited to do this with my sister-friends from church. My well is dry and I am desperate for the clear crisp water from the well-spring that is Jesus to fill me up.

I encourage you all to find time to spend at His feet. Real life is a real bummer if you are trudging on your own accord. I plan on throwing myself at His feet and staying there, because I know in order to survive real life I need Jesus.