Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Minute Friday

Gypsy Mama today from (in)Courage presents this challenge:  sit down, write 5 minutes unedited, unscripted on the topic of In Real Life...

Fellow blogger, Allison,wrote a beautiful blog this morning about her Real Life. I thought I could take a few minutes and follow her example, however, I am feeling neither beautiful nor inspirational this morning.  Perhaps it is because I am coming off a second night of shorted sleep and am tired,  or it just because it is Friday, but I am feeling the weight of the world today.

Real life for me often feels separate from my Jesus life. I know they should be one in the same, but sometimes the the craziness of being a responsible adult are just too much. I am scattered in so many directions and I struggle with being able to keep my eyes on Jesus. This time of year when I have been away from Bible study for several months it is particularly difficult. It makes me painfully aware of the need for staying in the Word.

Tomorrow I get to step away from my responsible self and take the day off to attend a Beth Moore simulcast here in town. I am soooo excited to do this with my sister-friends from church. My well is dry and I am desperate for the clear crisp water from the well-spring that is Jesus to fill me up.

I encourage you all to find time to spend at His feet. Real life is a real bummer if you are trudging on your own accord. I plan on throwing myself at His feet and staying there, because I know in order to survive real life I need Jesus.


  1. I found your post through Gypsy Mama's site. This is lovely. It is so nice to be reminded once in a while about other people's lives, we're all so similar. I'm also feeling the weight of the world today, and trying to cling to what is real life through Jesus. :)

  2. "My well is dry..."--that is real life right there, sister. May God meet you in that real place with His real love and real refreshment. Thank you for your honest sharing.

  3. Hope you have a refreshing time at the simulcast. Praise the Lord His mercies are new every moment we seek them.

  4. Love your transparency in your post. Praying your well is filled by taking a little time out to enjoy Beth Moore's teaching. Blessings...

  5. Thank you, ladies for stopping by today.
    I appreciate your comments and encouragement.

  6. AMEN!! Not sure how people survive life without Him?!!