Tuesday, July 26, 2011

God's Cupcakes

One day early this spring during a very stressful week, a friend from church sent me a Facebook message asking if I was available to help with a mission project. The mere thought of another thing was almost more than I could bear. I told her I couldn't help right then because "my plate is overburdened and cracking".  She very wisely responded, "Lay it at God's feet. He will give you strength you did not know you had. And He might add a cupcake or two to what's already on it!"

I don't do so well with sugar, I love it a bit too much, so I avoid it as much as possible. It surprised me that she would use a cupcake as a blessing because she and I have both been working on dropping a few pounds this year. The thought of God giving me a cupcake was laughable and certainly the last thing I would need during a time of stress. My brain might be screaming for it, but my body would certainly rebel. I questioned my friend about the use of a cupcake and she said this:

I meant a spiritual cupcake. As in a beautiful sunset. Or a hug from Cameron (my son). Or a spirit-lifting Facebook message from a friend who treasures you beyond measure.
As moms, we so often get the leftovers. The crumbs. The piece of cake without frosting. The piece of pizza that is burnt. But with God, there are no crumbs. It's all corner pieces of cake with extra frosting!
Such a beautiful and simple treasure in this small paragraph I was stopped right in my tracks by it. This made it perfectly clear to me why she writes for a living (she gave me permission to share it with all of you.) Suddenly I was able to see the blessings that I hadn't even taken the time to notice.

When your life gets crazy busy take a minute to examine all the good you have in your life. I think you will find your world overflowing with blessings .... or a couple of cupcakes topped with lots of frosting!

What is your favorite spiritual cupcake?

In His Peace -

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