Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Father's Love

I am working so hard at clearing my to-do list and the top of my desk today. However, as I was sorting through a pile of papers and reciepts from our trip I came across our Christmas card from my Dad that I wanted to share.

First of all, my Dad is NOT a card guy.  He gets totally annoyed at the price of a greeting card and rarely sends one and would rather you don't get him one either. I would have to assume that my Mom actually purchased the card, but my Dad wrote in it, which makes it extra special.

The printed words on the card were incredibly sweet and moved me to mush before I ever got to the note:

Each of you shines
at the heart
of our Christmas -
you're everything good 
that a parent dreams of...
Know that you're wished
every joy life can offer...
and thank you 
for lighting our world
with your love.

But written in my Dad's handwriting was added:

You are special - each and every one of your and you hold a special place in our hearts. We are so privileged to have you here to share your Christmas with us.
Love to you All.  
Dad and Mom
Nana & Papa

This little note, penned by a man of few words has me sitting at my desk in a blubbering mass of tears and snot while I am suppose to be getting work done. I will add this treasure to my collection of little notes that I have saved over the years, each written in a unique combination of upper and lower case letters that make up my Dad's handwriting.

Love you Dad and Mom. Thanks for having us for Christmas. Miss you oodles and bunches.

May your let the love of Christ wash over you and bless you while we are apart.

In His Peace -

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