Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thoughts on Mother's Day

I have a confession to make. I have never really liked Mother's Day. Much like Valentine's Day there is just so much pressure to have the perfect gift. If you don't buy X then you aren't worthy of love. It seems a little harsh to me.

What also bothers me is what people tend to forget.

They forget the women who long to be mothers. The ones whose arms ache at the mere sight of a baby. Perhaps they cannot conceive or have tried several times and lost their wee babies before they could ever take a breath.

They forget the mothers who are separated from their children, either by choice or by life circumstances. The mothers who long to see their children one more time, but can't this side of heaven.

They forget about all of those whose mothers are gone. We will all experience the loss of a parent eventually, but what if it feels like  her death was before her time and your heart really hurts?

I am not saying we shouldn't celebrate mothers. There is no harder job on this planet than motherhood. We try hard, we fail frequently and we live every day hoping we aren't totally screwing up the next generation. Talk about pressure!

What I am asking is for you to be tenderhearted and aware of those around you who may feel a little prickly on this day we celebrate motherhood. Spend an extra moment of prayer for God to breathe a measure of healing into every heart that hurts today.

In His Peace

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