Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Therapy

This morning as I was delivering my children to their respective schools, the folks at KLOVE were asking listeners to phone in and tell the hosts what they used, be it a word, phrase or action to reset them when they were feeling out of sorts. As you can imagine there was a vast variety of responses.

I started thinking about times when my heart was troubled,  or the days where I felt like where I was walking was so far from where I should be that everything felt off kilter. You know those days when you feel like you got up on the wrong side of the bed or when the hormones are stacked against you? How do you move from being cranky and me-centered to being at peace and more God-centered? Some days it is just easier said than done, but with effort and prayer can be accomplished.

For me, music is amazingly therapeutic. I have a few go-to songs when I just need a few minutes to fully immerse myself in the glory, majesty and abundant love of God. Sometime this gal needs to practically bathe in it to have the ability to reset myself and act like a human being. It is best to have the music up very loud so I can sing along and still not hear myself. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to my eternal voice- the one that is worthy of singing along with the angels in heaven! I am going to sing my fool heart out and nary another saved soul will have to cringe or plug their ears! Glory! This makes me happy just thinking about it. So happy I would like to insert a big old smiley face here and I would if I knew how, but I can only produce a goofy sideways one, so that is what you get....  : ) 

Music trips my happy trigger in a big way and I love how Christian praise music just fills me up. This is not a replacement for spending time reading the Bible or time in reflection and prayer, but a quick way to refocus on what is most important in my life. 

"They ministered with music".... 1 Chronicles 6:32. Music certainly ministers to me.

How about you? 

What helps you recenter on an off kilter day?

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