Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

As thankful Thursday rolls around again I am sitting in front of a blank computer screen with a blank mind. I have zillions of things to be thankful for, but am having a hard time focusing.

Today I am going to be thankful for Grandmas. Galen's grandma, Lorene Noble, died last night. She was ninety-eight years old. The oldest resident in the nursing home. She left this world very peacefully and we are all very thankful for that blessing.

Grandmas are a wonderful thing, very few people get to experience a great-grandma. I am thankful my children were able to know their great-grandma, who they called grandma-grandma. I never knew any of my grandfathers. I can see now with my children what a special relationship exists with grandpas as well. My Grandma Brown lived too far away for me to know her very well, but it didn't make me love her any less. My Nana I loved dearly and enjoyed spending time with her. She has been gone many, many years, but I still remember her fondly.

Lorene, was the true matriarch of her family. It seemed to me, particularly in my earlier years as a member of this family, that Grandma was the centerpiece of family events. Lorene was feisty and opinionated and you never had to doubt where she stood an an issue. She remained in her own home until she as 92. Lorene enjoyed having people come and visit her and she loved to play cards with her friends. It was sad to watch as she progressed into her older years. She slowly lost the ability to do the things she enjoyed and visits often left her more confused than anything else. 

I am thankful she has been reunited with all the friends and family members who left this earth before her. If you live to be 98 years old the list of folks you have mourned is very long. I remember years ago Lorene wondering why God was keeping her here. She didn't much feel useful to Him anymore. I am thankful that she is healthy in both mind and body, fully restored and no longer frail and confused.

Ninety-Eight years old. Consider the sheer volume of new technology and amazing events in history that happened in her lifetime. The Titanic sunk the year she was born. Air travel and televisions became commonplace.  Computers went from non-existent to room filling behemoths to pocket sized power houses. Man conquered space- unheard of in her youth,  but a space shuttle mission barely garners any press time today. Lorene lived through both World Wars and sixteen different Presidential administrations. The sheer volume of change in our country alone over the past 98 years is mind boggling.

I am thankful for the many years I knew her when she had a clear mind and a desire for conversation. I enjoyed and remembered the stories she shared about some of the items in her home that she cherished. The silver spoon given to her parents at her birth - that had her name spelled incorrectly. The little table with the curvy legs she picked up at a farm sale when they were first married - she loved the table, but felt bad she was gaining something beautiful from a fellow farmer who was losing everything. The two dressers she and Hollis purchased from the Montgomery Ward Catalog in 1937. The swirly green plate given to her by a dear friend when Hollis died. Just stuff to most, but it was stuff that held little tid-bits of who she was.

Although I was only related to her through marrying her grandson, she always treated me with kindness and respect, and I am thankful for that, too. I look forward to hearing more stories from other family members this weekend as we gather to share memories of Lorene.

Grandmas are a good thing. If you have one, be thankful for her and go give her a big hug.

In His Peace -

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