Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome March!

Ahhhhh.. March! The month that gives us hope that winter will really be over soon. The daylight hours are longer. I noticed this morning that it was full daylight at 7am when I drove the girls to the bus stop. We will be back in the dark again for a while after we "spring ahead" for daylight savings time.

I have also noticed that my bird friends are singing more. There was a male cardinal this morning singing his little heart out for his mate. Very soon we will here his territorial songs warning all the other males that he has claimed this area as his own. The dark-eyed Juncos, here in large flocks in the winter cold, are now fewer in number and will soon disappear into the northern regions until late next fall. Seems rather odd that they follow the cold and not the warmth. 

My memory verse for the first half of March is short and sweet. I didn't have a verse and Beth Moore put this one in her blog yesterday and it leaped off the screen at me. I knew it was exactly what I needed.

March on, my soul; be strong! 
Judges 5:21b NIV

The long, bone-chilly and weary days of winter will soon depart.
Next comes Spring! Oh, delight! Oh, my heart!

In His Peace -

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