Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sharing Your Faith

Do you openly share your faith with others? Or do you quietly or boldly live your life in a way that shows your faith to those with whom you interact?

A friend of my daughter has been going to church with us the last few weeks. Having her with us has been a real eye opener for me. My children have attended church and Sunday school since they were born and they are familiar with every aspect of the church service and every nook and cranny in the church itself. To listen with ears that have not heard and eyes that have not seen brings to light a whole new worship experience. I wonder what our young friend thinks as she quietly takes it all in.

Our Sunday school staff has graciously accepted her into their fold. She is very good at asking questions, I just hope we are all providing clear answers. I worry that what makes perfect sense to us may not make any sense to her.  I hope and pray the Holy Spirit will tend to the seeds that are being planted and that her heart and mind fully open to the joyous wonder found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Holy Week begins today with Palm Sunday. At our church the pastors lead the children on a parade around the church while they wave palm fronds and sing "All Glory, Laud and Honor". I can see how this can be a rather strange church ritual to someone who has no idea what Palm Sunday even is. There was a lot of explaining to do on the way home. It will be interesting to see how she absorbs the lessons coming as the week progresses through Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter.

What really surprises me, but I suppose it shouldn't, is that someone living in the Bible belt can live thirteen years and never hear anything about Jesus. Folks, we are failing in our own communities to share the knowledge of our Savior. We can't look around us and assume that everyone knows what we do. It seems so stupid, but I have to tell you, this is a difficult area for me to practice obedience. I know many people feel the same way, but lives are at stake. What is a few minutes of discomfort or embarrassment in exchange for saving a life?

Scripture tells us that until the whole world hears, Jesus will not return. Place your fears aside, trust in the Holy Spirit to give you the words and be the voice crying out in the wilderness that is your own community. 

In His Peace -

Until the Whole World Hears

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