Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chillin' Out and Still Waiting...

So cold even the dogs are cuddling up for added warmth!

Well, the SNOWzilla storm has passed by Iowa and left some bone chilling cold temperatures in it's wake. I was wondering today -- at what point is cold just cold and it doesn't matter what degree it is? Does -20 feel as bad as -30? Or is it just TOO COLD TO CARE cold at that point?

Our part of Iowa did not receive a significant amount of snow. Only about 4" overall, which is fine with me, but we did have 30+ mph winds to complicate things. When I got up this morning it was -6 with a windchill of -32. That's pretty darn cold. Two of my three children argued about putting gloves on this morning. Seriously, kids, it is skin freezing kind of cold outside. PUT ON YOUR GLOVES!! Silly, stubborn children. When will you learn to listen to your mother?

My husband conducted a cool experiment this morning. That wasn't a total change of gears, I got here because my husband conducted his little outdoor experiment with neither coat nor gloves on this morning (I wonder where the children get it?!). He took a cup of hot water and tossed it up in the air outside. The water instantly vaporized into a puff of flying ice particles. The children were dazzled. I will admit, it was pretty cool. This isn't my man, but here is a YouTube video of someone doing the same thing. I guess those of us in cold climates have to entertain ourselves in simple ways.

In other Jensen news, the refrigerator repair man showed up just after lunch the other day. I was thankful I didn't have to wait all day.  How to you folks with real jobs handle waiting days? He was very nice, but didn't fix my ice maker. He said he couldn't find anything wrong with it---except that it didn't work. Hmmm...  Of course since he doesn't know why it isn't working he has to order a whole new ice maker unit. This will take at least another week to arrive and we can expect a service man in about ten days. Heavy sigh. Well, at least it is covered under warranty. If we are really desperate for ice I could harvest icicles off the side of the house. Well, maybe not, that could be a little gross.

So, that is what is happening in our neck of the woods. What about yours?

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