Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily

Today is my oldest daughter's golden birthday. Emily is sixteen today. I am not even sure how that happened. I must have blinked. They grow up so fast. I swear it was just yesterday we were dressing up and having tea parties with Pooh Bear.

I will admit I miss the simple times of Playdough and Barbies. No one warned me that MY life would get crazy when my daughter entered high school! It is a good crazy for the most part. I am happy she is involved in activities she enjoys. I am so amazed at the young woman she has become and I am anxious to see what her future will bring. All of the sudden her being all grown up and out of the house is not such a far off day in the future, but a day that will arrive far sooner than I am ready for. I almost can't stand the thought of it.

This morning I took a nice stroll down memory lane looking at pictures. Emily has another added bonus of being the firstborn -- there are a LOT more pictures of her than of her siblings. If you will indulge my mommy moment here and check out sixteen snapshots of a young woman who grew up in just a blink. So much more yet to come...

Happy Birthday, Emily! Wishing you nothing but wonderful things in your sixteenth year. Thank you for being such a blessing. Your Dad and I love you oodles and bunches!

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  1. That is Fabulous, Nancy! I'm afraid we blinked too. She is So Special....you and Galen have done an amazing job as parents...and what wonderful pictures...I specially love the one in the hat - too, too cute!