Friday, November 5, 2010

Mama is Running on Empty!

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like you are running all the time, but never getting anything accomplished? Wow,  am I having one of those weeks-- for like the third week in a row! I need a physical and mental break. I just feel like hollering "Calgon! Take me away!" (remember that commercial?)

Even my God time has been done in a rush. I hate that! Tomorrow our Women's Ministry Team is facilitating a Sweet Life Cafe' retreat. We have been prepping for this for many months and I am really looking forward to spending the day focused on God. I don't know about y'all, but I  NEEEEEDDDD a God day. I love attending a Christian event and leaving feeling like my batteries have been totally recharged.

It should almost be mandatory for women to take a God day once a month. Wouldn't that be nice? You could use it to attend a Women of Faith event (love them!) or some great speaker like Beth Moore (love her!) or Lysa TerKeurst (love her, too!). Simply take a day to spend  time surrounded by Christian sisters and get all your life wrinkles ironed out by the Word of God.

What if you are like me and have to travel a long way to attend a big event? Not fiscally prudent or responsible to spend large amounts of money to attend on a monthly basis. Why don't we make our own monthly or weekly mini retreat? Why don't we put an appointment with God in our date books and schedule ourselves an hour or a day off? I am seriously considering instituting this at our house just so I can stay sane.

I imagine a large poster with something on it like this: 

I hereby decree that mother needs some time to regroup. The best way to do this is to spend some quiet time with God. I am going to turn off my phone, turn on some worship music, take out my Bible and lock my door. Unless you are vomiting, bleeding or the house is on fire, please leave me be. I promise I will be a much better person when I come out. Love, Mom.

Do you think it will work for more than 30 seconds? I can try, right? I am thinking I can hole up in my room, but that doesn't mean it will be peaceful on the other side of the door!

How do you keep your cool when life gets crazy?

I pray you all have a wonderful, recharging weekend. For those of you attending our retreat this Saturday I pray you will be blessed. You won't find any big-name Bible teachers, but you will find five women with big hearts for God ready and willing to serve you.

In His Peace -

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