Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Delicious Cup of Tea!

My cup of choice for today!
One of my favorite treats in the winter time is a nice hot cup of tea. I almost never drink it in the warm season, but certainly enjoy my cuppa warmth in the winter.

A fellow tea drinker inquired if I had ever tasted Vanilla Chai tea. Well, I hadn't, so the next time I was at the store I looked for some. I picked up a box of Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea. I steeped it with water the for the first cup, but while I was waiting I was reading the box...

The kind folks at Bigelow claimed that brewing your Vanilla Chai tea in hot milk was a common serving choice. Whodathunkit? Hmmm..... well, this peaked my interest. Of course I had to have another cup of tea made with milk. It was delicious and reminded me of the hot milk my mom would make for me when I didn't feel well or couldn't sleep. (Thanks, Mom!)

After I enjoyed this cup of loveliness I started thinking about the extra calories this little delight would add to my day. Even non-fat milk has 86 calories a cup, and my big old cup of choice holds almost 2 cups of liquid. That is a whopping 172 calories for a cup of tea -- not exactly a caloric bargain. Sigh... why do all the good tasting things have to be fattening??

Saddened by the loss of yet another yummy treat I started pondering my options. Today my tastebuds and my waistline are back in happy land because I discovered sugar-free vanilla creamer that has only 30 calories per serving. I snapped that right off the shelf in the store today, made a mad dash home and started the tea pot. It was delightful! Very similar to the higher calorie original. I have had two cups this morning and probably have a pretty good caffeine buzz going! I would probably be dangerous if I did this every day!

I just had to share because it made me happy, and happy is good.

Have a great day!


  1. We are so glad you decided to try our Vanilla Chai tea with milk ... and then with the sugar-free vanilla creamer! Isn't it nice to have hot tea on these cold, wintry days? Thanks for sharing your enjoyment of your Bigelow Tea.
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea

  2. You are welcome! Thank you for making an enjoyable tea! I have been warming myself with it every day. : )